#MyToday Series

I recently started writing about some random thoughts with my  sentence having or starting “today” on instagram and I thought why not share it here, too. So, here was my post on November 3, 2020.

Hey there! Today, why don’t I write about myself and see what I’d come up with! I’d like at least three paragraphs. Ok, let’s start!

Today is unplanned, purely inspired by realizations that all my grand plans need me to kick myself in the butt for any of these to even manifest!

Due to the combination of laziness, anxiety, financial difficulties, judgment of myself, fear of judgment from others, and probably a lot more that I am not recalling right now (maybe I would, then I could edit!), caused my social media hibernation. Hmmm… I’d probably give fear of judgment from people the highest score for not sharing when I should have.

You will not believe the amount of content I have pending to be posted until I don’t see them relevant and not post at all! I always come up with reasons! Well, to be fair, I was really facing challenges as well that needed my time and attention. See? Reasons! I’m really good at procrastination these days!

So, at the moment, I am feeling tremendously tired of the thought that I have to post. I do have to post now! And frequent at that. I even had to reactivate and create new social media accounts. Just thinking about it makes me tired and I should end this post already! 😂 But, a good thing though is that, I have a reason to be back in the game. I’d probably worry about what you’d think and it will cause for me to hesitate all the time. But then, I am getting back to this game I got for myself and you’re not in it, baby! You don’t get to boo!

Oh, look at that! I got more than 3!
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