Hayop Ka! (You Animal!), A Pinoy Animation

Have you heard about the latest Filipino animation that just launched on Netflix recently?

Well I have! Hayop Ka! (You Animal!) is a Filipino adult-themed animation movie starring the voices of Angelica Panganiban, Robin Padilla, and Sam Milby.  The characters are animals personifying people from different walks of life. The translation of the title makes me laugh already! I saw it on a news article and that it’s going to be on Netflix. Honestly I was quiet excited about it. I do not think we have a lot of locally produced animations in the Philippines. So, this is with all honesty, a breath of fresh air for me EVERY TIME!

Come Netflix  launch day, I saw a notification from the Netflix app and I watched it right away. The pictures, the animation, the aesthetics were beautiful! The movie used a kanto (street) manner of talking majority of the time. Obviously, this is not something you’d let young kids to watch. Parental guidance is advise. And of course, the socialites in the store, spoke accordingly. 

As inappropriate as their lines are, there were puns and vulgar jokes within the movie that I found enjoyable. They were really funny and satire at the same time. I believe that majority of these quotes that were neatly presented in the movie as posters and vandalisms were socially relevant. Although a lot of people would frown upon this kind movie, it is still best to give it a try and see what kind of learning we could from an objective perspective. 


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