Enjoy Life’s Freebies! Go try a free painting class!

Just finished my 3 attempts at @morimotostudio class’ “Street at Night.” This was from a photo I took last week, a full moon, somewhere in #ximending西門町.

I imagined this weekend to be another fun days at the beach. But circumstances lead me to find time to discard and say goodbye to my belongings ala #fumiosasaki #goodbyethings (thanks to @elvejane, and inday, I’m not yet done and I still have to say see you later to some of my things).

It lead me to fun and sumptuous lunches with friends; and to a free online painting class from @morimotostudio (my #gauche paint from @em.crowleyy did not go to waste); to a peaceful weekend in a city as busy as Taipei; it lead me to sharing this with you! Now, isn’t it wonderful that I am gracing you with my art?Nyahaha!

If it weren’t for Starbucks closing, I would be painting some more. Next time…?😂

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