The Podcast: #BagofEnglish

Hello! Everyone! Yes, wether I am talking to someone or not, I am happy to share that I just started my own podcast! It’s going to be mostly about learning English as a Second Language or ESL. And since I am learning Chinese at the moment, I will also be sharing about things I have been learning from my Chinese school. 

Oh, did I mention what it is called? It’s called Bag of English and I was leaning more into Bag of Language because that’s how I see it! I am definitely interested to learn about other languages, too! However, for now I’m sticking to Bag of English because that is something I am comfortable to talk about. I just started and I am learning what I could in a short amount of time. And for now, I’m digging all the free sources I could get my hands into.

My podcasts will be on soundcloud.com and will also be possibly broadcasted through Apple itunes and Googleplay. Now, I will also be sharing all these audios on Youtube so more people can enjoy them! I am this sure that people will enjoy them! So, please visit Arrivingwhere (will post random videos to my liking) on Youtube.

I also created an new Instagram account called Bagofenglish which is going to be mostly about ESL and if you are interested to hire English teachers or tutors online, you may contact me and I will definitely connect you to them. 

The network of teachers I know are experienced and reliable. And most importantly, it won’t break the bank!

Ok, I’ll go and end it here for today. You may listen to Episode 0 of my podcast. I’ll link it here! Bye!

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