Beer for Chocolates

It is the evening of the 5th day of my daily 500-word essay challenge. I arrived a few minutes ago intentionally leaving time be enough to make it to my personal deadline. I have thought of a topic but up to this moment, I have no idea how to go about it. I only know that I would like to write about a gift I received from my friend.

It was a casual request. I texted my friend “Hey! I want Belgian chocolates. I’ll pay you!” And he said, “All right, no problem!” Hmmm… more or less that is how it went. When he arrived and confirmed that he got me the chocolates, I did not want to meet him right away. I am very well aware that these days, it’s better to skip all kinds of socialisations. But I was so curious and excited like it was a gift I was about to open on Christmas day; like I had not eaten chocolates prior to that. I was also considering my schedule.

With my examination approaching, this weekend was the only weekend I could go ahead and pick the chocolates up. I could practice social distancing, anyway. So, why not?

The Beer

I sent him a message asking how much I owed him and it all went down to a meal! That was it! To think that I was thinking about the kind of chocolate he bought. Was it expensive? I had joked about hoping it was without gold as that might get way beyond the amount I was willing to spend for chocolates. However, I was blessed to have a friend who was generous enough to buy chocolates and did not ask for anything but a meal. And that was just because I asked.

Honestly, that day, I was walking around to buy myself lunch and I did plan on buying some for him even before I asked about how much I owed him. So, It was almost like the universe was smoothly connecting every move and phase that I made. Everything was working in my favor as if deliberately nodding on steps I had thought of before. The meal did not need a lot of thinking. I added some scones and beer he could enjoy in the middle of the day. Then off I went to meet him.

This meeting made me a thoughtful friend, I spent quality time with him catching up, and I got my chocolates! And what was funny was that it came in a small, beautiful, golden color box. Right when I just joked about hoping he didn’t pick up any chocolates with gold! Synchronicity, anyone?

Now, why did I seem to be so proud of this? This does not do good on my reputation and it’s not like I have a reputation to keep! That, he said. So, why am I writing about this?
I think I can say that aside from the fact that I am at the moment crunching to meet my personal deadline for my 500-word essay, I do not have another topic to talk about as nothing happens around here. I can only consider this as one of the very few and simple happy events that occurred in the last few days. My friend whom I love to be with is back and I am genuinely moved about how he showed appreciation for the simple things I bought for him. It was not just a can of beer, it was a can of Tiger for a box of chocolates.




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