Write 500 Words a Day Challenge

For the longest time, I have been complaining of wanting to write but was always busy. Always not enough time! So, a couple of months ago, I thought I should try and write. But then I have told myself I do not have a good idea! I have drafts but not perfect yet! Well, at the moment, I am seriously trying to develop a new habit and consistently write! Write about anything! It does not have to be perfect! It does not have to be good right now because it will eventually be. Well, I am hopeful, you know!

Then, a few weeks ago, I thought about challenging myself and writing essays with a minimum of 500 words a day. Of course, when the thought came, I did not start right away. I told you I am busy! But two days ago, I finished a draft I started in June. And although it was an old one, I am glad to say I got over 500 words and was able to post it yesterday. And now, I am writing a new one.

Today is the third day of my Write 500 Words a Day Challenge. I keep thinking, what should I write? Nothing ever happens that has not been written by anyone, yet. With a phone and all the social media applications, everyone is a historian nowadays. And I do not have an audience anyway. There is no need to write. But every time I say this, my heart aches for the need to write.

Since I was a little girl, I remember myself coming up with lots of ideas, stories, and poems. I remember writing them on a notebook but not following through and losing it. God knows which trash can my mother wholeheartedly place them. These are clutter for other people! I did have my output every single time I needed to submit a piece to my teachers.

I do not know when exactly I had the idea that I am a kind of writer that needs to have a reason to write. A writer who only wrote to complete the homework, yes! Writing for the school paper, check! Thesis, check! If no one needs me to come up with a piece, why should I waste time thinking, typing on my computer, thinking again, and staring into nothingness? Writing does require a lot of staring into blank spaces, is not that right?

I do take all these perceptions and reasons as valid. Why not? They are mine and are real reasons that led me to come up with ideas to compel myself and write. Again. Maybe, I will try again. Maybe, I don’t have to have an audience. Maybe, I will write because it makes me happy. I have this page where I can post anything my heart desires.

It would have been nice if I was able to post it on the same day so that I have a daily entry for the challenge I set up for myself. It’s all right! I will be lenient to myself and say, “At least, I wrote something on that day.” And because of that, I wrote something another piece yesterday and posted a new one! I am so proud of my lazy a** I want to cry! Tissue, please!

There! Over 500 words!




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