Sunday Grind, A Sunday in Taipei

Today, like every single day, I woke up early and I was able to leave the house and arrive at the school grounds in time for work at 8 am! It does not normally happen! I actually surprised myself today.

Well, if I have not mentioned it yet, I am currently learning Chinese at the Mandarin Training Center of the National Taiwan Normal University. Our school grounds are a sweet place with the trees surrounding you making you feel as if you are not in the city. And since I work online, a lot of times, I come here with my heavy bag filled with my books and my laptop to work after studying. And yes, that sometimes includes coming on a Sunday.

If you have tried working online for a time, you will agree if I say that sometimes, the peace and quiet of your bedroom is not enough to make your working bearable that you would rather step out to have a different experience for a bit. I would sometimes leave the house to stay at a convenience store, coffee shops, but the parks and the school grounds are still the best! And I already mentioned why.

Although I joke about how lovely it would be if I could just enjoy a nice breakfast on a Sunday morning, I must say, I do enjoy working while I have the place almost to myself. That was the drill this morning. However, meeting my friends/ classmates mid-day on a Sunday for lunch with their bags and books, I was laughing and crying inside both at the same time! Because we knew very well that that is followed by an extended stay in the library to study!

As much as I love my friends and as much as I want to learn Chinese, I still can’t help but ask, why are we doing this on a Sunday?! Of course, I know I do not have to do as they do (and honestly, today? I did not!). Whether it’s pure work or studies, I just always find my Sundays funny, if not tiring and funny especially, when it includes having a peaceful time at school, with some birds singing and hopping nearby.

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