Months Later, I’m Still Watching FPJAP


Photo from a scene of Iligtas si Carmen episode of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on ABS-CBN. CTTO.


February 17, 2016

Months Later, I’m Still Watching FPJAP

I have been a kapamilya since I was kid. But when I grew up and learned about better options- by that I mean better shows- I stopped watching. But every time I go to the province, I watch whatever my family watches: volleyball, basketball,  animations. Needless to say, I only watch local series when I don’t have a choice.

I knew Coco is a good actor,  I cried when I saw him cry, I got mad at him when he was playing villain. But I probably just watched 0-5 episodes of his past shows. Nothing  was interesting enough for me to keep watching. So, when I saw a teaser of FPJAP, I thought… Oh, remake…? Bleeehhhh!

It was due to an accidental opportunity that I was able to watch an episode of FPJAP in October,  2015.
My teenage sister remarked that Cardo pretending to be Ador was funny and cute because of his interactions with Carmen. I got curious,  and tried watching an episode. It was the first time I saw Bela Padilla acting on TV and the first time I thought Coco Martin looks cute with someone (never cared about any of his former pairings though I like Sarah G and Toni G).

I tried doing a marathon of the show from episode 1. Except for the very poor effects on the train scene,  I thought it’s a good show and… I kept on watching.

I’m a very big action films/ shows fan and I must say the show is not so big with its action scenes but it’s the best I’ve seen, locally, so far. I thought the show is fast-paced enough to keep boredom at bay. I also liked how the scenes from the original film were integrated (my father and I are FPJ fans, btw).

So… I kept on watching… My sister was right! Cardo’s awkward interactions with Carmen were hilarious! The chemistry was so strong, I kept smiling everytime they were together.  I never thought Bela Padilla was the actress I’ve been waiting for! The actress that would compliment Coco’s talent! Finally,  I felt giddy over a Coco Martin’s tv character with a potential love interest.

I continued watching…

Chemistry aside, though I know this is not a love story,  I thought the romantic angle between Carmen and Cardo was astonishing!  I started tweeting actively just to let the network know how huge the potential is! At last, here is a stroyline that is realistic and controversial! A story that most people don’t welcome,  because we are conservative…?  Naahh! We say we are when we are more of… judgmental!

I am happy that I see a lot of people support the show and the possibility of Cardo and Carmen falling in love. It is true that time has changed and people are more open- minded.

I am happy that a TV show, intentional or not,  is now promoting social awareness. That people,  no matter what they are and what they go through,  deserve a chance at love.

I have to keep on watching…

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