I Enjoyed Sakaling Hindi Makarating


March 21, 2016

I finally got the chance to watch Sakaling Hindi Makarating yesterday and it’s good. It’s a feeler movie and though I think there’s been too much of “hugot films” lately, and surely there’s a lot of broken-heart-travels-soul-searching ones, too; this one gives another refreshing take on spontaneity one can have even in brokeness.

The movie showed Cielo (Alessandra de Rossi) and her neighbor Paul (Pepe Hererra) trying to figure out the mistery sender of the hand- crafted post cards of different places in the Philippines with messages only a broken heart would know.



Lumabas ako kanina at sinigaw ang pangalan mo hanggang maubusan ako ng hininga. 

Kinalabit ako ng hangin, lumingon ako at umasang nandoon ka.

– M

With Paul’s suggestion, Cielo embarked on a solo adventure to search for M. Leaving technology behind,  she travelled to beautiful places, met new people, learned new skills and found her answers to her questions.

I think that the movie itself is enjoyable and refreshing as it is but it could have developed further. The places Cielo went to were amazingly presented but somehow, something is  lacking. Maybe it is because her internal struggle and the enlightenment each places gave her were not established enough for viewers to connect to the places emotionally and be ready to move on.

I love postcards, so, the film’s use of it and the literature that went with it was a pure delight which made me wish everything were shown on the screen.

The whole ensemble of casts performed really well. I still remember how charming JC Santos as Manuel was (this is my first time to see him act) and how everyone in the inside the cinema reacted and enjoyed his romantic and “breezy” moments with Cielo.

This is also my first time to learn about the beautiful Lesley Lina whose play as Mila was so subtle yet strong that it pulls and keeps one from blinking an eye.

Alessandra de Rossi was great, as always! Her simple yet realistic portrayal of Cielo can make viewers identify and understand the pain, anger, trauma she brought with her in her journey.

Pepe Herrera’s Paul’s one liners were remarkable; his chemistry with Cielo was great and his delivery was so effective that his best actor award could not be questioned.

Overall,  I enjoyed the movie. Although, the quest made more difficult by lack of modern communication was not necessary. Realistically, it would have been easier for Cielo to find M if she did not opt going the traditional way. But this same impracticality is what made the adventure more beautiful. I appreciate the story’s attempt to lure viewers into appreciating the people around and their culture, plus,  we would not have that plot to look forward to if not for it!




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